When I moved to Japan, I brought with me the flat packed Alice Melvin’s Cut-Out-and-Make Bird Mobile hoping to give it a new home in the far East. Now that it’s spring, it seemed like a perfect time to make it come to life. It sits at home now, looking gorgeous and joining my fresh tulips and other spring finds (glass bottles, flower tote bag, green apples). Happy Spring!

_MG_1658 copy

_MG_1606 copy

_MG_1633 copy

_MG_1626 copy

_MG_1617 copy


_MG_1639 copy



_MG_1648 copy

Try flicking through the photos in this gallery

2 responses to “WANDERING THROUGH: My Spring finds

  1. Lovely to see your gorgeous photos of bright sunny tulips today! Alas Winter has returned to the UK (I can see snowflakes!). Hopefully Spring will return soon! This time last week we were outside without coats in the warm sunshine!

    • Oh I know how the UK weather can be like…(I lived there for a few years) but keep your hopes up!!! And be ready for the next bit of sunshine and hopefully that one lasts longer! xx

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