Flower patterns

Spring has come early to Tokyo. The sakura trees are blossoming a week or so earlier than expected, so taking photos of my batik scarves today seemed like the perfect excuse to spend a few ours in the park!

If it’s cold where you are, these photos might cheer you up a bit. They are also a good glimpse of what the cherry blossom fuss is all about here in Japan.

The scarves featured on these photos were the ones I made in Malaysia a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t seen the step by step of how I made them, you can have a look here: BATIK, BATIK, BATIK!

_MG_1802 copy
















7 responses to “Flower patterns

  1. Beautiful.:)
    what a lovely way to display your scarves. Here in the UK the weather is going backwards to winter again.snow forcasted in N W England, so lovely to see the blossoms.

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