Handmade Soba

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I recommend doing this with friends or family. Making handmade soba is a lot more work than buying it at the supermarket, but it’s fresh, healthy, tastes good and is really fun to do.

If you are not familiar with japanese cuisine, Soba are buck-wheat noodles commonly eaten hot or cold and dipped in つゆの素 (tsuyu no moto) sauce.

This time my friends and I decided to to go all the way and learn how to make them ourselves. Everyone made their own, so bare in mind the following measurements are for a generous single serving:


First and most important ingredient, 150g of buck-wheat


Then add 20g of regular flour and mix


Add 65ml of water, very slowly and trying not to get your hands wet while you mix


Mix thoroughly


A bit more


Until you get this texture


Then roll it over until you get a 2 to 3mm height



Fold the mix and cut it into 2 to 3mm thick noodles (aprox.)


Dip into boiling water for 2-3 minutes


And Enjoy!


Thanks to Taji Yasunobu san for teaching us how to make handmade Soba and for all the delicious 梅酒 (plum liqueur) we had at his restaurant!


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