From Barcelona to Tokyo! I won a Gebrat bag

My Gebrat bag has arrived to Tokyo! Hold on, if you don’t know Gebrat yet, well let me introduce you.

You love handmade products? You’re into bags, scarfs, and clothes? You’ll like what I’m about to show you. Gebrat is run by Greta Serra, a philosopher turned textile designer who makes divine hand-woven pieces like this:




Greta kindly organized a giveaway between her followers and customers and the winner was…well, ME! I cannot tell you how excited I was when I got the news – I honestly very rarely win anything and this time a bag (that I love) was going to fly all the way from Barcelona, just for me, for free. How nice.


So I thought that in return, I would spread the word and share some blog love with you all. Why don’t you visit Gebrat SHOP or suscribe to her BLOG to she what she’s up to. I can assure you the products have a great sense of style and now that I have one in my hands I can prove the quality and details are exquisite.

And there’s even a 20% discount on all the bags until My 5th so you better hurry!

[Thanks again Greta, your present has made me very happy.]


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