Contemporary Katazome Experiments


What do you see first? This is a great example of the Gestalt principles of perception. I designed the pattern with the idea of vases in front of  a window holding some branches; so the vases have always been what I see first. But when others see it for the first time, they see some kind of columns or arches, and then they discover the vases with surprise.


Initially, I had the idea of being able to see the branches inside the vases, but with a bit of thought it developed into having them not only visible but with a colour gradation, different to the gradation of the background. It took a bit of multi layering and different stages of dyeing, but the result is much more interesting. I also like the subtle bleed at the bottom of the window. It creates more depth.



The photo below shows a detail of the fabric. The undyed top is also nice. The original colour of this linen has a special old look to it that I really like.



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