Soon to be cushions: call for sewists advice!

These are my soon to be cushions, I’ve dyed them with natural Indigo using different techniques and it has been fun to experiment. They are still work in progress though, because the sewing bit is still a challenge for me. I’ve only started using a sewing machine recently and I wish I had more time to practice, but that’s definitely on top of my list.





I’m planning to be sewing these and a lot more in the near future, so the time has come to get my own sewing machine! I’m excited about it but I’m also relatively new to all this, so I would really appreciate some advice. Should I go for a classic or digital? Singer, Brother, Janome, other? I would love to hear about your experience and what you think about the cushions too! x


10 responses to “Soon to be cushions: call for sewists advice!

  1. Hola Luisa, felicidades! son preciosos! Respecto a máquinas de coser te recomiendo una industrial por encima de todas las de plástico que puedan haber. Una industrial de hierro incorporada a la mesa, la mía es Juki y es simplemente genial, la compré de segunda mano y sólo me costó 300€ . Te recomiendo esta marca al 100% ! Si necesitas cualquier cosa, solo me tienes que decir. Un saludo!

    • Hola Greta! Muchísimas gracias, la verdad no conozco la marca Juki pero ahora mismo empiezo a investigar! Me gusta mucho saber que te ha servido tanto. Es justamente lo que necesito, una máquina estable que sirva para telas delicadas y gruesas. Si me decido por esa marca, depronto te pregunto alguna otra cosa. Gracias de nuevo!

  2. My Great Nan has a Singer, as did my Mum and now I have once. Mine is digital but it’s the kind that you can get going with basic sewing and grow into. A good sewing machine shop will be happy to guide you to a suitable machine for your current and anticipated needs and should offer a demo too.

    • Thank you very much for your advice! I will visit a shop soon and hopefully I can give different machines a try. I’m asking around because I want to hear different opinions, and yours has been very helpful. By the way, I really liked visiting your blog, you make beautiful things! 🙂

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