Double heights and Indigo

This 5m long, indigo dyed linen I made a couple of weeks back, decided the future of my house. A house we don’t own yet, but a house with double height ceilings and, by the look of the current property market, no furniture. I hope everyone in the future household will be happy about that.



I’m dreaming of displaying it just as it is, on a big wall. I’m just missing the wall. But for now, it looks good outside too; next to the trees and hanging from one of the bridges at Meguro river. Natural indigo always looks great in natural surroundings, maybe that double height wall should be next to a big window…


I should stop going on about walls and point out instead, how lucky I am to have a river seconds away from my apartment in Tokyo. Near by gardens are are looking really green, and days are so sunny and hot that it just took minutes for this fabric to dry.



This shibori piece was so long I needed help from Winnie, Hilary and Bryan to make it. It also helped working in a deep indigo vat. I like the proportions and variations of the patten and the fact that there will never ever will be a second piece that looks exactly like it.


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