Mixing and matching for new results

This piece of fabric is the result of a combination of two traditional Shibori techniques together, Hinode  and White Shadow. It’s good to learn by the book, and I’ve been keen on learning one by one all the techniques I like, but it’s also fundamental to jump, experiment and find a voice.

I made this by accident rather than choice, because after drawing the pattern onto the fabric, the stitching ahead seemed too overwhelming – stitching, overwhelming? you might think. Well yes, I wanted a more practical way to sew it, so I was advised by someone (years ahead of me in this matter) to make this combination of techniques. And then something clicked. The realization that I should continue on this exploration path, on my own, by choice, and then this ongoing quest will lead me somewhere.

Hinode White Shadow Shibori_tezukuri_01

Hinode White Shadow Shibori_tezukuri_02

Hinode White Shadow Shibori_tezukuri_03

Hinode White Shadow Shibori_tezukuri_04

Hinode White Shadow Shibori_tezukuri_06

Hinode White Shadow Shibori_tezukuri_05

And here the fabric sits proudly on the bushes and I have sore fingers and a happy face!


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