TEZUKURI has moved! Mata ne Tokyo, hello London!

Leaving was hard. We left a life we loved, friends with tears in their eyes and many things undiscovered. I remember very clearly the day I arrived, how the summer sun hit me, welcomed me. Living in Japan was an adventure that exceeded our expectations and we left just in time to keep it unspoiled.

The most precious thing I’ve brought with me is everything I learnt. Indigo dyeing being my very favorite. Before I left, I managed to dye some Shibori and Katazome pieces and visit one of the antique markets I love so much. My hands are still stained blue with indigo and because of that I made friends at the market, got discounts, presents and cheers from the lovely traders.


Stencil dye_Tezukuri

Stencil dye_Tezukuri_02

London on the other hand, brings up so many memories. This is the city I keep coming back to since I first discovered it 13 years ago. Now I’m here again, hoping to set up my studio soon and get my business up and running (I can’t wait).

Yesterday, while on the neighborhood and because it seemed like a good start, I went to the Knitting and stitching Show in Ally Pally. Not surprisingly, my favorite was the Japanese connections stand where I spotted very interesting Shibori and weaving works by local and Japanese artists.  See below an example, a closeup of Yoko Kano’s work.

yoko kano_n&s show 2013

Unfortunately later on, a friend passed away 😦 , she was 94. “A flower falls, even though we love it; and a weed grows, even though we do not love it” (Dōgen Zenji); something to reflect on… We’ll miss you very much Rena, rest in peace now. xxx


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