My new Studio in London

Setting up a studio is not a task to complete in a day or two. Nor should it be completed, in my opinion, until some work is actually done. It’s best to let it evolve, and let yourself evolve in it too. I really don’t think it will ever be finished.

I thought writing stories about paint, ladders and second hand furniture sourcing would be getting off track a bit, so I decided to wait until some actual work was done. So, the time has come to happily announce that my very own-first ever-tiny studio is up and running somewhere in Hackney (feels good to be back)! These are happy and scary times I must say, the challenge seems enormous sometimes, but somehow I keep going slowly but determined.

I took a picture holding some Japanese natural indigo ‘crystals’ and realized this is, in a way, what brought me here. Isn’t this one amazing thing to have found?

Natural indigo_tezukuri

At times I feel as if I never left. It amazes me how easily I could fall into converting everything I lived abroad into a mere distant thought. So I’ve surrounded myself with little treasures I brought: books, images, things like this vintage happi (はっぴ) coat that belonged to the head of some firemen department around 80 years ago, my dye brushes, katazome stencils, some fabrics and a little pin cushion that Melanie from Sewing circle in Tokyo gave me last year.

vintage indigo dyed coat_tezukuri

katazome brushes_tezukuri

pin cushion_tezukuri

The smell of the indigo vat I just made for the first time reminds me of Bryan Whitehead’s place. This must be a good sign, but I am still uncertain. There are a lot of tests to be made. Now that I’m on my own, while watching how the indigo reacts, I’m looking forward to this challenge; hoping things turn out well, seeing my products come to life and reaching out to people who would appreciate them.

indigo vat_tezukuri

indigo dyeing_tezukuri

shibori dyeing_tezukuri

arashi shibori_tezukuri

And finally, some photos of my WIP and the outcome texture. This gave me some grounds to adjust the vat, since I didn’t achieve the contrast I was going for. But in general very pleased with what I think is a good start. Wish me luck for everything else to come and may beautiful things come out of my studio. I will try to keep posting often.


2 responses to “My new Studio in London

  1. Luisa congratulations on your new challenges! It is great to have good memories from your life in Japan and to be grateful for it.
    I am sure you are going to do very well.Good luck
    With those beautiful and creative designs.
    Great to have your own studio!

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