Small details, big progress

Before jumping to make final products I want to get all the details right. I’ve been patiently sewing samples and allowing myself a little design process time. Not that I’m relaxed, there is so much to do! But I thought I’d share some of the progress, to remind myself I am moving forward.

Leaving the dyeing apart for a bit, I focused on buttonholes, zippers, hems, and piping. All new to me until not long ago, but more familiar every day. I’ll be applying all these to the fabrics I’ve dyed with indigo, but for now, I’ve used some fabrics I bought in Japan.

I made a set of cushion covers, all with different finishes, to understand the implications every detail has in the process and basically to learn how to do it myself. These are the results:

Sewing detail_tezukuri_05
Sewing detail_tezukuri_02Here, some buttonholes and lovely buttons I got from Macculloch & Wallis.

Sewing detail_tezukuri_04A hidden zipper with overlap

Sewing detail_tezukuri_03Bright white piping all around for a nice contrast on the edge

Sewing detail_tezukuri_01And a flanged border that looks really nice

I’m only missing a photo of the most challenging one, the cushion with piping and zipper on the edge, but I’m sure you get the idea. All this might seem very simple and basic but from where I stand, it was a great exercise. It is giving me grounds for decision making and is a good starting point towards the prototype making that will follow.

More progress coming soon, once my embroidered labels arrive!


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