bluefields_tezukuri 01

A new brand has emerged from our studio, and it’s slowly but steadily showing itself to the world! I just wanted to share it all here first, since some of you have been reading about my progress with indigo from the start – big thank you!

Our brand is called BLUEFIELDS, we create indigo dyed soft furnishings and textile art. Floor and decorative cushions, table linen, throws and wall hangings will be amongst our next limited collection. We are still in production mode, so for the time being I can only show you glimpses of how it’s all coming along. We are working hard to start our online sales soon!

bluefields_tezukuri 02

bluefields_tezukuri 03

These beauties are our new labels, I just love how they look on the finished products! We use traditional Japanese dyeing techniques, but we are proud to show how everything is made here in England. I like that we are bringing some of Japan into Europe, and having embarked on a dedicated craftsmanship journey to create high quality products.

Having in mind that part of the charm is that non of our products will ever be the same, I am nonetheless dedicated to achieve continuity in all my dyed pieces. To have control, to be able to recreate patterns as desired. So far, is all going well, it is still an exciting challenge and there are great expectations every time anything comes out of the vat.

bluefields_tezukuri 06

bluefields_tezukuri 05

With the big news being revealed, I just want to say, I am intending to keep this blog separated from BLUEFIELDS – even though they both go hand in hand and inevitably they’ll mix from time to time. But if you don’t wan’t to miss out on our updates, and like to support us on this big challenge, I invite you to like us on Facebook. Thank you!

I am excited to see what the future holds, wish me luck!


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