Macramé and Indigo

I haven’t posted for ten months (!!) even though I thought maternity leave would give me plenty of time to – my daughter is ten months now, but I managed not to stay away entirely and work as much as I could behind the scenes of motherhood.

I taught myself macramé last winter. At home we have a wide coat rack that once belonged to a school, ideal for hanging a long rod and lots of cotton rope. I knotted and un-kotted until patterns started to emerge. I had fun, loved finding Sally England‘s inspiring work whilst researching, and remembered the old bracelets we used to make at school in the 80’s.


But somehow along the way, it lost charm and I stopped looking at it – after all that time spent. Coats started acting as shields between me and my once loved macramé. Has anyone felt the same way? As if chucking something away would make you forget about it – the denial of WIP’S, I guess.

Someday talking about it with someone, I was advised to always finish what I’ve started, but I didn’t want to, not as it was. And a slight sense of guilt and sadness made me realize there was still a trace of love for it. So I unmade it all, against my tendency of wanting things to be beautiful and completed at first try.


What was it that I needed though? Colour and the sun I suppose, to put me in the dyeing mood. The off white didn’t look great against my white walls and as predictable as I am, just indigo could make it something more meaningful.

Macrame_tezukuri_04Once deconstructed, it looked delicious like this; like a huge pot of giant udon, but wait until you see it after eight dips in the vat. I was meaning to exhaust my old vat and the amount of rope I’ve been using was just right for that.



Now, starting over again with a once ordinary looking rope that looks stunning now. It feels like a whole new project and the colour is a delight to see. This is as far as this post will go, I’m afraid, but will write about it when finished, I promise.


3 responses to “Macramé and Indigo

  1. Happy to see you back and you’re right, the indigo rope is stunning and I’m eagerly anticipating what it will become! Congrats on the little girl!

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